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You now have access to AIssistant in your Slack workspace 🤖

Q: /gpt The potential use cases here are enormous! How can I make the most of you?

A: I am an AI language model developed to assist you with your language and communication needs. You can use me to translate texts, generate text, answer questions, and much more. The best thing about me is that I never get tired, so you can use me as much as you want. Use me to expand your language skills and communicate with people from all over the world in an easy and efficient way. So make the most of me as much as you want, I am always ready to help you!

The service is in beta and under development. We welcome your feedback on your experiences and potential improvements for the app.

Please note! The integration forwards all input data to OpenAI and Slack. We strongly discourage sending sensitive information, as this will be shared with third parties.

Click here for a detailed description of the app’s privacy policy, which explains how AIssistant collects, processes, and forwards user data to OpenAI’s APIs.

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